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Visual Merchandising is at the core of a successful retail outlet. It is the first form of selling and featuring your brand image, expressing your brand story and enhancing brand loyalty. It is a marketing practice which makes use of some of your stores key elements to attract customers attention which leads to more footfall and therefore increasing sales.

These key elements can include window displays, floor plans, colour, lighting and instore displays. The main purpose of visual merchandising is to attract customers in-store with the use of striking window displays, then to maintain an engaging customer experience with in-store displays and layouts to encourage a transaction.

Or even better yet, a good visual merchandising programme can convince your visitors to be loyal and returning customers. If visual merchandising is implemented correctly with creativity, imagination and expression, each retailer will reap the benefits. It truly is an exceptional investment for all shop owners.

So lets look into how Hestia can help retailers get the most out of their retail merchandising;



Visual merchandising has the power to express your brand identity. A positive visual merchandising experience is formulated using many elements such as:

  • Appearance of your store front
  • Staff uniforms
  • Lighting
  • Menus
  • Outdoor and instore signage
  • Colour
  • Point of sales material
  • Textures
  • Shapes
  • Ticketing
  • Packaging

When these elements are combined, it allows a customer to understand your brand better which then leads to a positive shopping experience and increases the number of transactions.

As a retailer, knowing how to utilise all these tools to communicate your brand image, will in turn help you stand out amongst your competitors, attract more customers and expand your success.


Increase Sales and Footfall


Your storefront and window display is the first and last opportunity to convert that passer-by into a customer. Having a visually pleasing storefront and a powerful window display will entice the customer in store who may have not already intended to enter. This is so important in helping a business increase its customer base and footfall – catch a customers eye and draw them inside!

Once your storefront has enticed that customer inside, this needs to be followed by a simple but effective floor layout with striking instore displays to complement your products, brand image and window displays.

Your displays need to be engaging and innovative enough to impact a customer’s purchase decision.


A powerful and impactful visual merchandising will result in the customer having a positive experience and making a purchase/additional purchases which ultimately increase your sales and revenue.

Enhancing the shopping experience

Retailers can often forget that visual merchandising is not just about creating visual and enticing instore and window displays, other senses can also be triggered to create an unforgettable instore experience. 

Visual Merchandising Services Ireland

By creating a multi-sensory shopping experience, you can engage with your customers on an emotional level which is instantly recognisable to your store. You can do this through the following;


1. Music – playing appropriate music for your target market, the correct music can dictate your customers mood. Music undoubtedly will add ambience; however, it is wise to consider which music suits the style of merchandise and the customer. It is also advisable to check that the lyrics are not offensive.

2. Scent – the scent is the strongest memory and emotion controller compared to other senses – global brands use the art of scent marketing to entice customers to choose their products. Aromas and scents will stimulate the senses of shoppers. Atmospheric aromas can also be introduced to an area that warrants them and can help to promote a product. Scented candles displayed in an aromatic environment will boost sales. Smells relate to memory and emotion and can trigger feelings which is therefore a strong tool to work with in stores. By having a nice scent throughout the store it puts the customer at ease , improves their mood which may result in a sale.

For retail stores to stay competitive in this e-commerce world, proactive visual merchandising has undoubtedly become of key importance. Retail stores need to understand that the bulk of their sales are generated from impulse purchases. Therefore, a perfect visual merchandise strategy can be the difference between a highly profitable retail store destined for continued growth, or one which has become stagnant. With all the responsibilities of everyday work in retail, it is easy to get lost and forget the core purpose of visual merchandising. We can go on autopilot, forgetting to make improvements and often forgetting to remind ourselves why we do what we do.

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