Project Type: Commercial Retail renovation.

Location: Location: Drogheda, Co. Louth.

Brief: New Eco-friendly Refill store.


This commercial project was a complete renovation. The brief for this Re-fill no waste store, was to create an eco-friendly retail space, with sustainability at its core.

We are passionate about creating beautiful spaces that balance form and function. We look at each project as a blank canvas and like to partner with our clients to create design and branding impact. We believe in listening to our clients, having a clear idea of what they want and then working collaboratively through the design process until we have created a space that is beautiful, functional and unique to that client or business’s ethos.

We redesigned the floor plans to incorporate a storage and food hygiene packing area at the back of house. We designed the shop floor layout, with visual merchandising tools for money mapping to maximise product potential. We specified the flooring, designed a bespoke till counter area and worked with the logo and branding for the exterior and interior signage and graphics. With a mix of creativity and efficiency we worked in collaboration with the client to build a versatile space that can evolve and grow as product ranges develop within their business.

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