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We recently built a new house and when it was near completion, we engaged with Hestia Design to provide us with some advice about the interior design of the house. Our house is very modern and we wanted to keep the same vibe throughout the interior. They provided us with some fresh, modern and brilliant ideas for our house. From picking out lights that would fit the theme of our kitchen, providing advice on the colour of our tiles and wooden floors to spending time going through different paint colours for each room. These are only some of the advice that was provided to us. We felt Hestia Design really took into consideration our ideas and helped us spread them throughout the house. I would thoroughly recommend Hestia Design for anyone looking to do up or modernise their house.

Brendan - Residential Project

I couldn't ask for a nicer down to earth people to deal with , they listened to absolutely everything I wanted.
I do know what I want but when its comes to putting it together I get lost and theses guys gave me more than I could ever have wanted or asked for!
I will never do up a room or a place without theses guys by my side again.

Sinead- Becoming Hair & Scalp

Hestia took the stress and intensity away from the decision making process on our build.  They grasped our style and vision exactly and came back to us with designs and ideas that we love. Their enthusiasm and energy made the process really enjoyable and exciting. Hestia's  knowledge of materials and the broad range of options presented to us gave us access to a home design we would never have had access to without them. Amazing service.

Crona - Residential Project

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