Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes @Hestia HQ as we launch our new website…and we go live, let us introduce ourselves and tell you about us and what we do. It all started with Rachel and Sarah, on 1st October 2020. Two designers with a shared love for both home decor and interior design.

We needed a company name, that we both loved, a name that represented us and what we wanted to embody! We looked into many options and ideas, then we came across the Greek goddess of the Heath, Home, and Hospitality; HESTIA!

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hestia-design-visual-merchandising ireland

How can Visual Merchandising benefit your business ?

Visual Merchandising is at the core of a successful retail outlet. It is the first form of selling and featuring your brand image, expressing your brand story and enhancing brand loyalty. It is a marketing practice which makes use of some of your stores key elements to attract customers attention which leads to more footfall and therefore increasing sales.

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